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Final Review Project

Patrick Healy: Modern Industry

Patrick's journey was an interesting one. His initial thesis targeted education. He ended up leaving the school for a job opportunity and returned with a brand new topic with a tremendous focus on an emerging target group. Patrick's project from afar appears like a simple bag. Not only ID specific but an enormous branding element as well. Unlike past projects, a huge product development phase as well. Photography, marketing, PR, video, Kickstarter, multiple skus..., again added to the breadth of his thesis. I funded his project, btw, and my wallet is holding up pretty well. I told him I was giving up a piece that I used for twenty years so my new modern industry replacement had to surpass all expectations! They are late on their bag shipments though; problems with production. The education continues... Patrick is also working for Sol Headphones. – Mark Bolick, MFA Director of Industrial Design