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Midpoint Review

Your midpoint proposal should reflect your professionalism and skills. It should be thoroughly researched and thought through, and present a convincing proof of concept and realistic timeline.

Final Review

Through graduate study you are preparing to become a leader in your chosen area of specialization. Your Final Review will demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained during your studies. Your portfolio should be a visually powerful and cohesive body of work representing your achievements at the Academy of Art University.

Showcase Projects

*Personal content has been removed from projects

Midpoint Reviews

Final Reviews & Thesis Projects

Guidelines & Templates

Your review guidelines are strictly defined and must be followed. Online students should also view the 'Online Technical Requirements' document for information regarding the web conference where you will hold your online review.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to use the latest version of the Midpoint and Final Review Handbooks. If you are uncertain which version you have, please refer back here and download it again.


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