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Midpoint Review

Final Review


Your midpoint proposal should reflect your professionalism and skills. It should be thoroughly researched and thought through, and present a convincing proof of concept and realistic timeline.

Through graduate study you are preparing to become a leader in your chosen area of specialization. The Final Thesis Project will demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained during your studies. Your completed Thesis Project should be a visually powerful and cohesive body of work representing your achievements at the Academy of Art University.


Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising

During your midpoint review, you will present a proposal for an imaginary business. The goal is to convince the committee that your business is viable. You'll provide evidence as if it were a real business.


Your review guidelines are strictly defined and must be followed. Online students should also view the Online Reviews - Technical Requirements for technical information regarding the web conference where you will hold your Online Review. 

Master of Fine Arts:

Master of Arts:


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