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Final Review Project

Sha Yao: Eatwell, A Tableware Set for People with Alzhemer’s

Sha Yao won an award for her efforts. The thing that struck me most was the simplicity of her topic but the depth and width in which she attacked the design process. Prototypes and testing, Prototypes and testing, Prototypes and testing, prototypes and testing, prototypes and testing...lead her design process; despite the fact that her products looked like simple kid-like dinner ware from afar. At the Stanford science fair she had an enormous crowd around her the entire day. Proof that the app is not destroying ID. Last I heard she was seeking a patent. Another thing that stands out about this project is that she was torn between satisfying two influential stakeholders pulling her in opposite directions--Ted and Jim! She followed her heart and it shows - an amazing journey. Sha is a consultant and is in the process of launching her own business. – Mark Bolick, MFA Director of Industrial Design