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Review This First

On this page, you will find links to Thesis Project examples from past Academy of Art Students. This may help give you an idea of what is expected during your review.

Thesis Project Examples

*Personal content has been removed from projects

Damon Hurbon
Final Review Thesis
Dilshad Aldoskani
Final Review Thesis
Justin Anderson
Final Review Thesis
Lei Qi Min
Final Review Thesis
Sung Eun Kim
Final Review Thesis
Ximena Rendon Luna
Final Review Thesis
Donna Davy
Final Thesis
Eshita Trivedi
Final Thesis
Gary Weiss
Final Thesis
Hadas Tal
Final Thesis
Jess Velarde
Final Thesis
Ni Zhu
Final Thesis
Nicole Lamothe
Final Thesis
Sarah Lam
Final Thesis
Jerrold Castro
Final Thesis Project
Andrew Vanlierop-Degoede
Final Thesis: Fig. & Leaf
Carol Peek
Final Thesis: The Horse as a Healer
Brian Astle
Midpoint Thesis Proposal
Åse Maj Håkonsbakken
Midpoint Thesis Proposal, Final Thesis
Thomas Weil
Midpoint Thesis Proposal, Presentation

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