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Review This First

On this page, you will find your Department's specific guidelines for your Midpoint or Final Review. Please thoroughly read them and follow their explicit instructions.

You will also find links to Thesis Project examples from past Academy of Art Students. This may help give you an idea of what is expected during your review.

Thesis Project Reviews

*Personal content has been removed from projects

Alex Chen
Final Thesis
Bella Huang
Final Thesis
Emilie Garnier
Final Thesis
Esmeralda Ruiz
Final Thesis
Favie Chiu
Final Thesis
Justin Lee
Final Thesis
Aaron Guaghui Yuan
Midpoint Review
Ashley Ng
Midpoint Review
Christine Herrin
Midpoint Review
Kristin Riger
Midpoint Review

Guidelines ⭐

Master of Fine Arts

*if guidelines are not available here, please contact your department directly for next steps and thesis material requirements:

Master of Arts


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